Vax 6131 multifunction carpet cleaner

Vax 61Multivax in Vacuum Cleaner Demonstration Review. Getting your multifunction machine ready to wash carpets is quick and simple to do. Large capacity multifunction vacuum cleaner; Washes carpets, vacuums carpets and hard floors and sucks up spills; Wet capacity: L dirty water plus 4L clean, .

Vax Ultra Plus Carpet Cleaning Solution, 1. Vax 6131T 3-in-Multivax Dry Vacuum and Carpet Washer. As a vacuum it is powerful, easy to manoeuvre and tackles both hard floors and carpet. Shop for Vax 6131T 1300W Multifunction Carpet Cleaner at littlewoods.

Order online and spread the cost with a flexible littlewoods. The Vax 6131T Multifunction Carpet Cleaner is an ideal total home cleaning system, which powerfully vacuums, washes carpets and sucks up spills. Like other multifunctional cylinder carpet cleaners, this Vax 61can wash carpets as well as vacuum them like a traditional vacuum cleaner. The Vax 6131T multifunction carpet cleaner is machines combined in making every day cleaning tasks easier and more efficient.

Shop for Vax 6131T 1300W Multifunction Carpet Cleaner at very. Order online now and pay nothing for up to months. Vax 6131T 1300W Multifunction Carpet Cleaner. MULTIVAX Vacuum Cleaner pdf manual download.

Vax carpet cleaner user manual (pages).

Read our 1 independent and non-nonsense review of the Vax 6131T. We consider key features, pros cons and give our honest verdict. The Vax61multivax three in one dry vacuum, carpet and upholstry cleaner is reviewed here in. A Review of the best value, multi-function Cleaner. What comes with the VAX 61cleaner; How to use the VAX cleaner in dry vacuum mode . This is the Instruction manual for the Argos Product Vax 6131T Multifunction Cleaner- 1300W (343/5005) in PDF format.

Vax 6131T Multivax Wet Dry Vacuum Carpet Washer Replacement Pump. VAX 6151SX 6130S 61RAPIDE Vacuum Cleaner Carpet Hard Floor Tool. Vax 6131T Multifunction Carpet Cleaner 3-in-Dry Vacuum and Carpet Washer. Find great deals on eBay for VAX Vacuum Carpet Cleaner in Vacuum.

IMPORTANT: Do not use the cleaner as a dry vacuum when set up in carpet washing . Solutions for the VAX Wet and Dry in Multifunction Carpet Cleaning vacuum Cleaner system. Genuine VAX 61616171Upholstery wash tool. The 6131T Multivax canister is the ideal total home cleaning system.

It is a powerful, easy to manoeuvre everyday vacuum cleaner with a large dust capacity.