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The SU-is a Soviet tier self-propelled gun. Like most Soviet artillery, the SU-fires at a high arc, so it can hit tanks . Le Su– posted in Archives: Le 203mm du SU-1 il est comment ?

SU– Stará vlákna + Volná diskuse o ruských. The SU– SPGs/Artillery – World of Tanks. SU-: revue, caractéristiques, comparaison – World of Tanksworldoftanks.

SU- revue en vidéo couvrant les caractéristiques principales du véhicules et son comportement en bataille.

Su-guide – posted in Soviet: hey everybody with 35k left in my grind for SU-I decided I will post a guide on the SU-8. SU-so bad it’s making me not want to play. What crew skills should I invest in for Su-8.

SU-811 messagesmars 2011Autres résultats sur forum. Ajouté par xXMKGamerXxThe SU-is a Soviet tier self-propelled gun. Tier VI Russian Artillery – SU-Battle Medals on this game: Ace Tanker, Gore’s Medal, High. Another SPG review, this time the tier Soviet machine, the SU-8.

Sorry about the horrible audio, i am getting a new mic soon.