Special sweeper pokemon

Hit Points, Attack, Defense, Spee Special Attack, Special Defense, All Totals, Back to the. Pic, Name, Type, Abilities, Base Stat, Maximum Special Attack Stat. Gen V DexWhat is a good (OU) Special Attacker?

En cachePages similairesTraduire cette pagesept. Quiver Dance is perfect for a Special Sweeper, increased Spee Special Attack and Special Defense means you can sweep for faster, longer . Look at the top ten most used OU Pokemon: these offensive stars have been used. Not only is it a versatile sweeper, capable of running both mixed attacking .

For Pokemon X on the 3DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled So. In this gen, I’ve almost pulled away from fast special sweepers . I need a Fire-type attacker on my competitive team to deal with stuff like Scizor and Ferrothorn. My current team is Greninja, Sceptile, Haxorus, Mega Lucario, . Selon les tendances du metagame, des Pokémon sont susceptibles de passer d’une catégorie à. Sweeper spécial: Set que l’on trouve surtout sous la pluie. MIXED Définition On appelle Mixed un pokémon offensif qui utilise à la fois son attaque physique et son attaque spéciale. These Pokemon are a bit more dynamic than physical Pokemon.

Please give me a nasty plot special sweeper, with a good moveset, with.

This video will show the Pokemon when it comes to special attacks. All likes, comments, and subscriptions are greatly appreciated. Mixed sweepers use a combination of physical and special moves, (these Pokemon have decent Attack and Special Attack stats), to help defeat . Learn how to use Decidueye, the Owl Pokemon starter in Pokemon Sun and Moon. It has the movesets to be a strong physical attacker, or a special attack . A sweeper is considered as a formidable member on your offense in your team.

They are the one’s who deal the most damage to the whole enemy team and so they . While not being a staller, it can abuse its Swift Swim, together with Rain Dance, to become a threatening special sweeper with Surf, Ice Beam, . I need a water sweeper that has a base special attack that’s over 100. Mixed Sweepers may also be Pokemon that have dual-types, one of which is a Physical type while the other is a Special type, in order to use STAB moves of . Can someone name some of the fast Special sweepers. Dec, Opinion_Wednesday, r/pokemon Discord channel.