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They sell a wide selection of Fair Trade clothing at their physical locations. They carry a wide range of fair trade clothing and products. One of Canada’s first eco stores, in Nelson, BC.

For years, we have specialized in eco-friendly, fair-trade clothing, accessories, and green products for your . Canadian fashion clothing designer for men, women and baby. Organic cotton and eco-friendly apparel made in Quebec – Montreal fashion district. Licenses a consumer logo to certify coffee and other products for which farmers are paid just prices.

Fair trade and organic clothing and accessories for women, men and children. People Tree, the fair trade fashion pioneer and online garment retailer. We make our clothes from environmentally-friendly materials including Fairtrade certified . According to TransFair Canada, a non-profit certification and public. Swap your big box brands with ethical clothing that’s local, stylish,. As consumers, we’re inundated with endless clothing options.

Unfortunately, we live in a world of fast fashion, in which the price of most . Indigenous and sells organic and fair trade clothing for women and men. Feel good when you wear ethically made eco-fashion and support talented artisans.

As of May 201 workers have earned an additional $430K through our participation in the Fair Trade program. Apparel workers who make Patagonia clothing . Although the most sustainable option for clothing is to buy second han from. Although a global fair-trade symbol exists and the requirements are.

With the exception of Forsyth of Canada shirts, all products are made in . Apparel is one where it’s been a little bit of growth and kind of. GoodGuide and Fairtrade Canada to find out more about . We carry clothing in hemp, bamboo, organic cotton, Skunk Funk, 2UNDR,. Nomads Hemp Wear (with free shipping on orders over $1to Canada and the U.S.). Shop online for hemp clothing, made in Canada, bamboo clothing and fair trade hemp, recycled and sustainable accessories, jewelry and gifts.

Unlike products that can be grown locally in Canada, many international. Fair trade verification ensures that products produced outside of Canada have been sourced according to the principles of fair trade. This UK-based fair-trade and eco-friendly fashion company offers fashion forward dresses for under $10 tops for under $5 and hand-made . Shop Naturally with Organic Clothing Canada USA and Eco-Friendly Products. Organic Cotton Fair Trade Hemp Sustainable Soy Natural Bamboo Respect . Pioneers of Hemp, and the Organic Eco Clothing (r)Evolution.

Free shipping to US and Canada for all orders over $100. Festival friendly, fair-trade clothing for men and women in bamboo, organic cotton, soy and our own specially .