Body dryer for bathroom

Buy Tornado Body Dryer – A Gentle, Safe In-Shower Full Body Drying Unit – Electric. We are planning on renovating our bathroom, but I wanted this hooked up . Over the past two years the body dryer team has worked tirelessly on creating a product that works in 30.

New York-based company, Body Dryer, created the £1system. We looked at the evolution of hand drying systems in bathrooms and saw a . The Body Dryer is an environmentally safe, bacteria free drying system that eliminates the use of bath towels. The Aprés TM Body Dryer is suitable for installation in any showering area or enclosure, and can be simply modified for fitting in most bathrooms, over the bath.

The original in-shower, all over body dryer tested and approved for worldwide. Significantly reduces moisture, condensation and mould in the bathroom, . Have limited mobility and looking for something to increase your bathroom’s accessibility? The impetus for the Body Dryer came from considering the issue of bath towels and how they can contain bacteria.

Update Apr 1 2015: In an update on its Indiegogo campaign page, the Body Dryer team has announced that it will not be bringing the Body . Air Shower is a concept shower system that combines both washer and dryer so. No more towel, you can stand on Body Dryer to dry your body after shower. The Apres Body Dryer is an all-over body dryer for the bathroom, shower room or wetroom. Its gentle air jets dry the whole body with perfectly balanced heat, .

A range of equipment to dry your body after bathing. The largest collection of interior design and decorating ideas on the Internet, including kitchens and bathrooms. The Body Dryer claims to be able to dry a damp person in seconds.

Tornado Body Dryer is easy to add luxurious amenity. There’s a chance your bathroom towel could end up in a retired pile of old cassette tapes and fax machines as something replaced by newer, . If you’ve yet to find a bathroom towel large enough to suitably dry you after a shower, the solution could be as simple as standing on this unique . A new high-speed dryer for your body could mean you never need to towel off after the shower again. Use it after a shower, a swim or bath to dry your.

The Body Dryer wants to replace bathroom towels. The Luxurious Tornado Body Dryer – A Soothing After-Shower Experience. This solves the problem of towel drying for people with limited mobility. It bathes the body in a blanket of warm air, with speed settings that can be easily activated at the touch of a button.

The body dryer has gentle air jets that direct perfectly balanced heat onto the . Apres body dryer, also known as the tornado body dryer and shower body dryer ideal for bathrooms and wetrooms-Price £385. Read Bathroom Body Dryer Reviews and Customer Ratings on bathroom body,chi dryer,cheapest hair dryer,ceramic hairdryers, Reviews, Home Improvement . Manufacturers of the original apresShower Body Dryer. Our team have manufactured the apresShower body dryer since 1991. Col damp bathroom that is difficult to stay warm in or uncomfortable while drying?

The Body Dryer Dries You Out In Thirty Seconds.