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New York-based company, Body Dryer, created the £1system because they ‘never truly felt clean after reusing a towel. Tornado Body Dryer – Dry towel-free without towels or leaving the shower. No bending or reaching – just warm, comforting and soothing air to completely dry you .

The Body Dryer is an environmentally safe, bacteria free drying system that eliminates the use of bath towels. Body Dryer is a forthcoming device that uses strategically-positioned air jets to create a circulating vortex of air around your body and dry you . This is just like those Dyson Airblades that are used in public restrooms instead of paper towels, only much more ambitious. Luxurious for the physically fit; a godsend for the physically challenged.

Tel un pèse personne combiné à un ventilo Dyson, le Body Dryer diffuse de l’air du bas vers le haut et récupère l’humidité de votre corps afin . The Body Dryer claims to be able to dry a damp person in 30. So you can think of the Body Dryer as kind of like the hand dryers you’ll. This concept works by blowing air to dry your body, simply rotate the dryer to choose. He says “It’s a proof that the dyson drying technology is the most hygienic . A futuristic body-drying gadget goes in for crowdfunding with the goal of.

Dyson Airblade Tap washes then dries your hands, for £000 . This page has been setup to warn backers of The Body Dryer campaign on Indeigogo that they have been misled an to hopefully. A subreddit for you to share all those thoughts, ideas, or philosophical questions that race through your head when in the shower.

Rubbing ourselves with a bit of cloth in an age of Dyson feels silly. But it looks like Dyson was beaten to it by The Body Dryer which uses jets . Il y a 4 jours – Towel body dryer dry without using towels or leaving the shower s body dryer like dyson airblade whole oz wind premium bd ph60body . Dyson’s philosophy is to innovate on the sole condition to facilitate people’s life. Dimitri Peucelle – Chief Executive, Dyson France. This is a school project I did with the Dyson identity.

It’s a body dryer using advantages of the Dyson technology. Apres Body Dryer is the All body in shower warm air dryer.