Arkal disc filter

Arkal The Arkal automatic all-polymeric self-cleaning Spin Klin disc filter, designed as a highly – efficient solution for high flow rate applications in all types of . Long-term operation with minimal maintenance or cleaning. Table of Filtration Grades of the Discs and Color Code.

Arkal’s distinctively developed disc filtration. Innovative filter design captures and retains large amounts of solids. Disc filtration elements are factory assembled and ready for use.

Arkal’s filtration systems use a specially designed disc filtration technology.

By introducing disc filtration technology to the filtration worl Arkal became and remains a recognized world leader in filtration technologies. Contact a Pelmar Engineering Application Specialist for more information on Arkal Spin Klin Automatic Disc Filters. Arkal’s main product lines include unique patented automatic Spin Klin filtration technology, manual disc filters and systems, automatic and semi-automatic . Check out this page for our complete range of disc filters. We carry a variety of sizes from Arkal and Netafim.

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