Apres body dryer

The original in-shower, all over body dryer tested and approved for worldwide distribution. The Apres Body Dryer is an all-over body dryer for the bathroom, shower room or wetroom. Its gentle air jets dry the whole body with perfectly balanced heat, .

If you are from the USA and would like to order a Body Dryer please click the american flag and it . The Après Body Dryer has been specifically designed to overcome these problems. Its gentle air jets dry the whole body easily without rubbing or chaffing, with . The Apres Body Dryer provides an unrivalled drying experience, enclosing the user in waves of warm air.

Body Dryer, formerly apresShower, is the worlds first only total body dryer. Manufactured by Regal Care Shower Trays Ltd. DLF’s information quality rating: (Explain).

Apres Body Dryer is the All-Body, Warm-Air Dryer. The Apres body dryer is the original (beware of copies!) all body air dryer. Body Dryer dries your entire body without a towel.

The Body Dryer installs inside your shower and dries with.