Su8 developer

SU-is a commonly used epoxy-based negative photoresist. Negative refers to a photoresist whereby the parts exposed to UV become cross-linke while the . SU-Resists SU-20Resists are Chemically-Amplifie Epoxy-Based Negative Resists ideal for fabricating micro/nano structures such as cantilevers, .

What is the difference between the SU-and SU-20resist products? A number of safer solvent systems, including SU-developer, ethyl lactate and . The SU-is a negative, epoxy-type, near-UV photoresist based on EPON SU-epoxy resin (from Shell Chemical) that has been originally develope and . Robert White, Mechanical Engineering (x72210).

Surface Preparation: Wafers should be clean, but beyond that, no special treatment is usually needed. This product was recently added by customer request, and is available for your convenience. We strive to provide our customers with a one-stop shop for the . Gersteltec SUPhotoresist resist products are available in 250ml, 500ml, Liter, Liter bottles, in addition we can . SU-comes in many varieties with different densities and viscosities, allowing for the fabrication of structures with a wide range of thicknesses. SU-is a high contrast, epoxy based photoresist designed for micromachining. SU-is most commonly processed with conventional near.

Our lab’s bottle of SU-20is currently in the flammables cabinet in the Microfluidics facility.

SU-is a thick, near-UV photoresist used for MEMS fabrication. This forum is for discussing SU-research, development, applications, suppliers, coating, . Microchem SU-21Photoresist is a high contrast, epoxy based photoresist designed for micromachining and microelectronic applications where a thick, . Search for su-developer at Sigma-Aldrich. The CEPSR Clean Room stores and supplies one gallon bottles of SUdeveloper. The bottles are located in the small and large yellow .